Historic Properties
Town of Somers History
Timeline - Elephant Hotel - Hachaliah Bailey - Menageries - Wright-Reis Homestead - Historic Properties
The Town of Somers owns several historic properties - Mt. Zion Church and Cemetery, use
today as the Town Hall.

Mt. Zion Church and Cemetery, a National Register Site

Mt. Zion Church is the earliest church built  in Somers and the second oldest surviving
Methodist Church building in Westchester County.   It was built in 1794 by Micajah Wright,
                                                            son of pioneer Daniel Wright and ancestor to
                                                            Caroline Wright Reis. Located at the entrance
                                                            at the entrance to Reis Park, Mt. Zion Church
                                                            was originally a one- story building and
                                                            was added upon in 1860.  Like many churches
                                                            of its day, the building's architecture and
                                                            ornamentation are austere and more reflective
                                                            of a simple farmhouse than a church.
                                                            The last regular church service was conducted
                                                            in 1897.  It passed  into the care of the
                                                            Methodist Church in Katonah until being
                                                            deeded to the Town of Somers in 1973.
                                                            Today, Mt. Zion is listed on the National
                                                            Register of Historic Places, owned by the
                                                            Town of Somers and interpreted by Somers
                                                             Historical Society.
The Wright-Reis Homestead
The Wright-Reis Homestead,
circa 1845, was the home of
Caroline Wright-Reis,
benefactress to the Town of
Somers. The land which now
comprises the Wright-Reis
Homestead and Reis Park was
purchased in 1762 by Daniel
Wright, one of the first settlers
in Somers. (Daniel's son
Micajah was also a local farmer
and carpenter who built
Mt. Zion Church).

The original home on this
property was located about
half way between the present
home and Mt. Zion Church.  In 1835, the property was purchased by William Marshall.  It was
during his ownership that the present house was built. The farm came back into the hands of the
Wright family upon its purchase by Samuel P. Wright, an attorney and father of Caroline, in
1869.  In 1908 Caroline married Walter Reis.  She and Mr. Reis moved into the home in 1913.  
Mrs. Reis, who died in 1967 at the age of 85, bequeathed the Wright family home, its
outbuildings, their contents and 82 acres of land to the Town of Somers for educational and
recreational purposes.  The Wright Reis Homestead is owned by the Town of Somers and
interpreted by Somers Historical Society.

The Tomahawk Chapel and Cemetery


In 1837 Somers, the scattered farm population in the western section of town felt too distant to
benefit from the educational and religious advantages of places closer to the hamlet.  In that
same year, same year, local resident Tom Miller built Tomahawk Chapel to address those needs.
Hachaliah Bailey described its size as being no bigger than a tiger's cage.  Tomahawk Chapel lies
adjacent to Koegel Park on Route 118 and is accessible by foot via hiking trail.  Tomahawk
Chapel is owned by the Town of Somers and interpreted by Somers Historical Society.